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Phase 1 setting you up

Welcome to the PureGym community! We want to ensure that every member gets the best possible start, that's why we have created our Let's Get Started programme, which will get you ready for your first workout.

Phase 1 of our 'Lets get started programme' is to help get you set up.

Your PIN

By now you will have received your PIN by email. Your PIN gets you into your gym through the Access Pods / Speed gates, logs you into your App and into your member's area on our website. Just like the bank, your PIN is unique to you, so please keep it safe.

Getting in the gym

You'll find automated Access Pods / Speed gates in all our gyms. The simplest way is to get into the gym is by using your QR code which can be found in our App, or you can enter your PIN in the keypad and press OK.

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PureGym app

For contactless entry to the gym, download the PureGym App where you can also find our class timetables, free workouts... and loads more! - Don’t forget to switch on your push notifications to receive important updates. 

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Phase 2 get gym ready

Phase 2 of our Let's Get Started Programme will help you to prepare for your first time so you can enter the gym with confidence. If you're new to the gym, it can be difficult to know what to do before your first visit – But don’t worry that’s where we can help!

Gym busyness

If you are new to the gym we recommend coming at a quieter time for your first few visits. You can see how busy your gym will be and how many people are in the gym right now by using the App with our live Gym Busyness tracker.

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Get started induction

Need a helping hand for your first gym visit why not book an induction? One of our fitness experts will take you around the gym to help you get started. Just look for the Get Started induction in the App.

bring a buddy

Working out with a friend can give us all a little confidence boost. If you’re a Plus member you can do this 4 times a month and can set this up in your members area on the website. 

gym bag & clothes

It is important to feel comfortable and safe in the gym. Make sure you have your gym kit, trainers, a water bottle and a padlock for the lockers. We have a more detailed list of what to bring to the gym here.

Phase 3 the first workout

Using gym equipment for the first time can be a little scary. Having a workout plan in place can help to ease nerves when at the gym. Phase 3 will help you to plan your first few workouts and learn the kit, so you can get in and get started.

Workout builder

Building a workout doesn't have to be difficult. We've put together some of our favourite warm ups, cardio, and resistance training exercises for you to pick and choose from, so you can create a personalised workout in three simple steps.

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Pick a class

Classes are a fun and safe way to get fit. You’ll be joining the UK’s largest class community where you’ll get loads of support from your instructor. Whatever you are into, we have a class you’ll love, from Pump, to Cycle. All taught by one of our friendly instructors who will help you every step of the way. Take a look at our classes here.

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Workout plans

If you are ready for the next step why not try a personalised workout plan! Built around your goal, experience and confidence you’ll get tailored advice over 8 weeks, to help you achieve you goal. Plus there are helpful videos every step of the way and it’s all free on the PureGym App!

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Equipment how-to's

If you’ve never used a piece of gym kit before it can seem a little daunting. We’ve created quick and simple how-to guides to get you started on some of the most popular pieces of kit.

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