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Top tips for training indoors


Mornings are getting lighter and temperatures are increasing however if you still can’t seem to find the motivation to go outdoors, try adding some indoor training sessions into your spring fitness schedule.

Training in a gym is a great way to keep going and can become your perfect training partner in the lead up to the summer racing season.


Treadmill running

Treadmill running is a safe alternative during bad weather and when poor underfoot conditions make running outside more difficult. It’s better to run on the treadmill than suffer an injury. Although you don’t have the beautiful scenery of the great outdoors, research does suggest that setting the treadmill to a 1% incline reflects the similar demands to outdoor running. Keep it interesting by experimenting with different paces and gradients.

Cross Training

Fancy a change from the treadmill? Cross training is a great way of adding extra training to your schedule without risking injury, while also offering welcome respite from the pounding of the streets. There are also other low-impact machines you could try such as the indoor rower, spin bike or the step machine.

Strength Training

Studies show regular strength training is proven to improve running economy while also boosting muscular endurance and helping to increase your speed. Spending time in the gym can also help to prevent injuries and manage and rehab existing injuries, which might be holding you back this Spring!

Or maybe even try some HIIT? Check out our free workout videos  you can complete in under 30 minutes, suitable for all fitness levels and designed to blast fat and torch calories.


Training tips are powered by the team at the Great Run Series. Looking for an event to get you up and running? Find your local event here.


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