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Protein Powder Recipes

Protein powder is a great way to up your protein each day, but they don't always taste appealing. Our protein powder recipes turn a drab drink into meals and snacks that are genuinely enjoyable!

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3 Tasty High Protein Smoothie Recipes

Looking for an easy way to bump up your protein? Our delicious high protein smoothie recipes are packed with protein powder and fruit, and are perf...

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High Protein Chocolate Mocha Frappe Recipe

Level up your protein shake and get a kick of caffeine with our delicious Chocolate Mocha Frappe, packed with 15g protein and only 135 kcals.Read more

Double Chocolate Protein Cookies

Forget expensive pre-bought protein snacks, our Double Chocolate Protein Cookies are only 25p per cookie to make and pack in 13g protein each!Read more

Double Chocolate Baked Protein Oats

Cake for breakfast? We’re here for it with these healthy but delicious Double Chocolate Baked Protein Oats that have a rich chocolate flavour and t...Read more

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