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Healthy Baking Recipes

A healthy diet should include all the foods you love, with less nutritional foods like baked goods enjoyed in moderation. If you’re someone who craves cake every day of the week, why not try a healthier version of your favourite bake? Our healthy baking recipes have less calories and fat then traditional recipes, so you can enjoy them as often as you want. And don’t worry – they still taste great.

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Double Chocolate Protein Cookies

Forget expensive pre-bought protein snacks, our Double Chocolate Protein Cookies are only 25p per cookie to make and pack in 13g protein each!

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Super Spinach Pancakes

This super spinach pancake recipe may sound a little weird, but trust us, they taste AMAZING! Just like regular pancakes but with the added goodnes...Read more

Double Chocolate Baked Protein Oats

Cake for breakfast? We’re here for it with these healthy but delicious Double Chocolate Baked Protein Oats that have a rich chocolate flavour and t...Read more

Chocolate Orange Protein Flapjacks

Our new homemade Chocolate Orange Protein Flapjacks are a convenient way of getting a protein hit on the go, but without the hefty price tag. At...Read more

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