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Healthy Low Carb Recipes

While we believe carbs belong in every diet, there may be meals where you want less carbs included. Our healthy low carb recipes taste great and will keep you full

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Super Spinach Pancakes

This super spinach pancake recipe may sound a little weird, but trust us, they taste AMAZING! Just like regular pancakes but with the added goodnes...

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Carrot Cake Protein Muffins

Try this healthy low-carb Carrot Cake Protein Muffin recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings. Packed with protein, fibre and micronutrients such as V...Read more

Butternut squash, carrot and coriander soup

Cozy up with this creamy butternut squash, carrot and coriander soup recipe. It's simple, delicious and a great way to up your veg intake for the d...Read more

Flattened Chicken and Homemade Pesto with Gregg Wallace

Tv presenter Gregg Wallace has shared three mouth-watering recipes for our PureGym members to try. This week Gregg has whipped up a delicious 'Flat...Read more

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