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The most dangerous fad diets


We’re all familiar with those last minute panics to lose weight. A last minute holiday or a dress we’d planned to fit into. The desperation to lose weight can sometimes be a little far-fetched. Over the years, people have tried the most bizarre, yet dangerous diets in order to lose weight.

To some degree fad diets work to help you lose weight, but the results are only temporary and can cause some serious damage to your health. Everyone wants a quick fix, but it does not necessarily mean it’s right for your body.

We’ve put together some of the most dangerous fad diets and how they could be affecting your health:

1. HCG Diet

The hCG diet was most commonly used during the 1950s. The diet was first suggested by British physician, Albert T. W. Simeons, who recommended sticking to just 500 calories a day and receiving daily supplements of the hormone human choriogonadotropin (HCG). The hormone can be injected directly into your bloodstream, rubbed into skin as a cream format, or you can ingest the hormone.

However, the HCG hormone did not provide any evidence for aiding in the loss of weight. Due to the strict calorie intake of just 500 calories a day, your body will begin to rapidly lose weight. Starving your body of vital minerals and vitamins can be very dangerous, and will result in further health problems.

2. The Master Cleanse

Famously used by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Pink and Ashton Kutcher, this is a liquid fasting diet made with a concoction of lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The diet should not last any longer than 10 days, which is shocking to think of those who can make it past two days.

The Master Cleanse diet is not a sensible or efficient form of losing weight. Although the results will appear, and quickly, you are starving your body of vital nutrients and solid foods. Not only is your body suffering, your overall well-being takes a hit too. Without key food groups, you are left feeling tired and un-energised, making daily tasks and functioning difficult.

3. The Tapeworm Diet

One of the most dangerous diets for your body, and should never be tired. The Tapeworm diet involves consuming a pill that grows a tapeworm inside your stomach. The parasite then supposedly consumes on the food in which you digest.

Not only does the tapeworm consume the food that you have ingested, it will also feed on the nutrients that your body needs. Another frightful fact is the tapeworm can move to anywhere in your body, including your brain.

Luckily the tapeworm diet is no longer legal and banned by the FDA.

4. The Baby Food Diet

One of the most bizarre diets to come out of Hollywood, is the Baby Food Diet. The diet included consuming a jar of baby food for two or three meals a day. The diet restricts your body of calories, but also the necessary adult nutrition.

Baby food is pure and high in vitamins, but is not similar to the benefits we receive from good, natural and nutritional foods. Obviously as you are restricting your body of calories, the weight will begin to drop. However, when returning back to solid food, the pounds will slowly start to creep back.

5. The Fruitarian diet

Well there is a slight clue in the name, on this diet all you can eat is fruit, all day, every day. Some people choosing this diet have ventured out slightly to nuts and seeds, but all dieters have to stick to consuming fruit for every meal.

Only selecting foods from one food group can be harmful to your body, as you are not getting the essential nutrients and fatty acids you need. As fruit is very high in sugar, this diet can lead to you feeling tired and more prone to illness.

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