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The 4-Minute Fat Blaster!


Summer Sessions at PureGym: The 4-Minute Fat Blaster!

This summer we're on a mission to get the UK moving which is why we've introduced fun weekly gym challenges. Fancy giving one a go?

The 4-minute Fat Blaster is a high-intensity workout that will get your heart pumping and calories burning. All you need is you and a timer and you're ready to get moving.

Start off by warming up on the treadmill on a low to moderate intensity for 3 – 5 minutes. You’ll be performing the 4 exercises below for 2 rounds (or more if you want to challenge yourself further).

Simply perform the following exercises for 20 seconds with a 10-second rest between each exercise.

Squat jumps
  • Jumping squat: stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat down and then jump! 
  • Burpees: squat down, jump your feet back into the plank position, perform a push-up and jump your feet back towards your hands, then jump into the air with your arms pointing towards the ceiling
  • Plank: Place foremans on the ground with elbows aligned below the shoulders, and arms parallel to the body at should width distance and then ground the toes into the floor and squeeze the glutes
Star jumps
  • Power jumping jacks: stand with feet together and knees bent then jump up and clap your hands together above your head

If you need help with any of the exercises, just ask a member of the team.

Don’t forget to cool down after you’ve completed the exercises by walking on the treadmill at a low intensity for 3 minutes, followed by some static stretching.

Take the challenge once and you'll automatically have a personal best, and the great thing about having a PB is you've then got a target to try and smash. 

So feel free to take the 4-Minute Fat Blaster challenge as many times as you want. After all, it's free and will do wonders for your fitness.

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Model: PT Jonathan Kibble at Leeds City Centre South


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