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How to clean cardio machines, including treadmill, cross trainer and step machine


For many people, wiping down gym machines after use is a long-formed habit to help make the gym a nicer, fresher place for all. However, as we settle into the ‘new normal’, it’s more important than ever to take care in carefully cleaning equipment such as the treadmill, cross trainer, rower and step machine before and after use.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can clean the cardio machines at the gym.

General cleaning of cardio machines

Each cardio machine will need to be cleaned in a slightly different way, but there are some universal tips to bear in mind, including:

  1. Clean hands: wash or sanitise your hands as regularly as possible while at the gym, including when you arrive. At PureGym you’ll be able to make use of the many sanitisation stations we’ll provide around the gym.
  2. Clean machines before and after use: this will ensure your exercise area is ready for you before you start and also clean for whoever comes next. All gym members will be encouraged to do the same.
  3. Use antiviral wipes or sprayed paper towels: give the machines a clean down with either a folded paper towel, spritzed at least twice with cleaning spray, or with sanitising wipes. We’ll be ensuring plenty of both are available around the gym. Don’t spray cleaning fluid directly onto the machinery as it could push anything sitting on the surface into the air.
  4. Don’t use a sweat towel: stick to using the cleaning products and towels provided by the gyms rather than bringing your own gym/sweat towel; this will help to limit the spread of germs from outside the gym.
  5. Be careful around screens and electrics: While it’s important to wipe these down if you’re touching them, don’t let screens get too damp.
  6. Focus on cleaning the main touch points of equipment: including any handles, seats, adjustment points, buttons you may press and so on.
  7. Clean under your phone and water bottle: if you rested any of your own belongings on the equipment, or the water bottle holder, make sure to give these areas a wipe over.
  8. But don’t forget the rest: as a courtesy, also give the parts of the equipment directly in front of you a wipe down when you’re finished too – you’ll be breathing heavily over these areas during your workout.
  9. Wait a few seconds after wiping down: the cleaning liquid will need a few moments to work and dry, so please wait 20 to 30 seconds before using so the surfaces aren’t slippery for use.
  10. Bin cloths and wipes: put these in the bins provided – don’t leave any used tissues on the gym floor or on the equipment.
  11. Try not to touch afterwards: when wiping down the equipment after use, try not to place your hands on the cleaned areas.

How to clean a treadmill

While exercising on the treadmill focuses mostly on your footwork as you walk or run, there are also several touch points you’ll need to consider when cleaning it down.

  • Wipe down the full length of the side grip handles, both on top and underneath
  • Ensure you also wipe over the entire front display, but with a lighter pressure on the display screen
  • Focus in particular on any buttons you will be or have pressed

How to clean the cross trainer

Again, while the focus may be on your legs while using the cross trainer, there are also several areas you’ll be touching and handling as you work out.

  • Wipe over the entirety of both the moving and static handles, taking care to wipe all sides and over the top end
  • Clean over the front display, paying particular attention to any buttons you may have pressed when turning on or adjusting the incline etc.

How to clean the step machine

Paying careful attention to which parts of the step machine you’ve made contact with will help you ensure a thorough clean.

  • Take particular note of any handles or support bars you touched or used while working out or getting on to the step machine and make sure you’ve cleaned them thoroughly
  • Wipe over the whole of the display screen, paying particular attention to the buttons you’ve pressed while adjusting the settings

With a little consideration for cleanliness, we can dramatically reduce the risks faced from Covid-19 and other viruses, and create a safer space for all our members. Find out more about the safety steps we’re taking at all of our gyms with our TrainSafe guide.

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