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Keeping your new year goals


Whether it's joining a gym, upping your fruit and veg intake or going teetotal, we all have the best intentions when making our New Year’s resolutions. 

But a study by the University of Scranton has found that only 8% of us actually keep them up for the entire year and beyond, as everyday life forces us back into old habits.

So as we enter the third month of 2018 how are yours going? If you're lacking a little motivation, we've got some top tips to put you back on track.

1. Shop Yourself Healthy

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to shop, this is it. Called “Enclothed cognition”, it’s the official psychological term to describe how clothing can trigger mental changes, which positively affect your performance. This means that when we look good (in our new fit kit), we feel good, and are more likely to not only hit the gym, but also smash those personal bests.

2. Stay on Track

Getting to grips with a new routine can be daunting, but by month three things may be becoming a little repetitive. Taking selfies is a great way of reminding yourself how far you've come, and to keep you on track to meet your goals. This can also be said for keeping a record of your progress – whether it’s how far you ran, how heavy you're lifting or how fast you swam, make sure you follow your improvements to better your results (head over here for our favourite apps that can help you track your fitness).

3. Shake it up

Let's face it, doing the same exercises day in day out can get a little tedious, especially when you stop seeing results. Keep your workouts varied by signing up for some new classes, creating a playlist full of your favourite up-beat tracks, or even set yourself a goal by training for a particular fitness event. As the weather warms up you can even take your workouts into the great outdoors for a change of scenery with running, cycling and circuits.

4. Buddy Up

When you've had a long day and Netflix is calling, finding the motivation to head to the gym can be tough. Finding a friend that's like-minded in dedication, with similar fitness goals, can give you the boost you need to push yourself on the low days. Besides, how guilty would you feel cancelling on a pal for that cycle classes at the last minute? Exactly. So grab your kit and have a good gossip whilst you sweat your way to better fitness.

5. Moderation is Key

Healthy eating can be challenging. While your immediate response might be to remove highly palatable foods which might not be high in nutrition, it's okay to allow yourself to eat food not just for fuel but for enjoyment too. Studies show that those who allow themselves a treat once a week are more likely to stay on the wagon, and achieve their goals, than those who deny themselves.

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